John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2012-2014

John Bartkowiak's Gallery 2002

Gallery - 2015-2017

All works are oil on canvas.

The Gang

School Yard Winter

Landscape 1967

Up the Hill

"The Gang"

"School Yard Winter"

"Landscape 1967"

"Up the Hill"

Blonde on Blonde




"Blonde on Blonde"

"World Wind"

"I Remember Catholic School"

"Satallites of Love"

American Family


Rally Around the New Kids

Butterfly Garden

"Potrait of an American Family"


"Rally Around the New Kids"

"Butterfly Garden"

Monkey in the Middle

November Illinois

Brothers from Another Planet

Morning Circle

"Monkey in the Middle"

"November Illinois"

"Brothers from Another Planet"

"Morning Circle"

We All Shine On

"And We All Shine On"

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