Gallery - 2006-08

All works are oil on canvas.

2_green_tomatoes Dia_Soleado
"Explosion #1" (sold)


"Still Life Goes On"(sold)

"El Hombre Invisible" (N.F.S.)

"Still Life in a Flat World"(sold)


"California Sun"(sold) "Giant Steps" "The Bathers"(sold) "Pastel Roofs"(sold)
"Like a Bird on a Wire"(NFS) "Silent Pact"(sold) "October"(sold) "... Speaking of Michaelangelo"(sold) "Continuum"(sold)
"New Spell" "Peking"(sold) "Figures in Blue"(sold) "Face to Face" "Coffeeklatsh"(sold)
"Spirits in the Night" "Garden Party" "La Playa"(sold) "The Visitors" "Red Sky at Night"

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